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Hi, I'm Savyon.

A New York based designer who specializes in Industrial Design, UX & UI.

I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a real passion for human-centered design. I love observing and learning from human behavior and seek opportunities to improve experiences and solve problems.


I'm experienced in hardware & software UX, conducting research studies, and working collaboratively with other teams, including designers, engineers, marketing, and customer success, to address both business goals and user needs.

Having a background in photography, I taught myself to observe the world from different angles and to look for hidden, unusual, and exciting opportunities. ​Nowadays, as a designer, I'm using my photography skills to observe, learn, mind the small details, and derive inspiration from everything around me.

I enjoy every step of the design process, from brainstorming, researching, ideating, and CMF to the smallest details to offer the best experience and tell a cohesive story. I'm excited to explore and learn new things and
drive every project with open-mindedness and curiosity.


Shenkar graduate - Industrial Design B.A.

When I'm not designing,

you'll find me cruising the streets on my longboard (or snowboarding when it's snowing), decorating my apartment, attending fun local meet-ups, and can never say no to Tacos Tuesdays and a pizza night.

My Skills
My Tools
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