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Recyclable Plastic

Israel holds the world record for per capita plastic consumption. In intention to reduce this consumption in Israel, this project proposes a new solution, replacing the usage of disposable plastic cutlery. Tuzig is a hybrid, which uses a unique technic to combine a picnic tablecloth together with recycled plastic plates to create a single product. 

The project has sprouted from material research that investigates the use of recycled plastic as a raw material. A central discovery of the research was that when recycled plastic is steam-pressed to a synthetic fabric, it becomes an integral part of the fabric, and they become inseparable.

The picnic tablecloth folds into a carriable bag that can easily be carried into nature. A guiding grid, which is located on the tablecloth, shows the suggested way to place the tablecloth on the picnic table, and the space division for sitting and eating when the tablecloth is placed on the ground.
As part of the Israeli culture, the eating experience is shared between people and doesn't require cutlery, thus promoting interaction between the participants.

Tuzig is a product that combines traditional and cultural acts with innovative material technology to keep our environment free of plastic waste.

This discovery allowed me to examine several manipulations on these two materials and arrive at interesting and surprising results. The following examples show a small verity of the vast number of tests, but they properly exhibit the direction of the work with the material.

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