ReCare 2018


2 industrial designers

1 engineer

Ranger is a device for hikers that enables receiving and transmitting emergency signals without cellular reception. The user’s location is determined by a GPS chip. The GPS and an electronic compass are used to determine the location of the event relative to the user. Ranger enables sending and receiving messages over low-frequency radio waves, based on the LORA protocol. Each user with the Ranger device is transmitting to 10 km. By using this technology, the Ranger's battery can perform up to 3 weeks without being charged.

The user can report in real-time of injuries or environmental threats. The Ranger's alert display is based on LED screens under the ABS which project through it. The user can send information about a fire near him to emergency services and to other users. The location of the fire is computed by a combination of 2 or more reports.


When the user receives a fire alert, a compass and a fire alert are being displayed on the screen. The compass is showing the user where is the fire direction relatively to him by using arrows display. While receiving an alert or by using the SOS button, there is a strong beeping sound coming from the Ranger.

As part of the process, We tried to keep the Ranger design simple, but yet, durable, functional, clear interface and user-friendly.

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