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BHG complete set.png

Bath Set

3-piece bath set inspired by interior design & CMF trends

for Spring 2023

Project Methodology


& CMF Research

Researching and forecasting any trending CMF, techniques, or morphology.


What's in The Market?

Benchmark research for shapes, & sizes.


Sketch Exploration & Choose CMF

Mapping tech abilities in other areas of computer vision, AI, area mapping, etc.


Final Design

Design 3-piece bath set, CAD & render final result.

Color Trends 
Interiors trendy colors for spring & summer 2023 by Pantone
Home Interior Design Trends 
For Spring 2023

Main Styles:

o    Arches & Curves
o    Statement Wall
o    Biophilic Design
o    Calm Nature & organic environment (such as wool, cotton, clay, ceramic)

o    Luxury Monochromatic (with silver/golden accents)

o    Check Patterns

o    Reinvented Heritage (new luxury)

o    Hellenism (old style with modern touch, ancient Greek)


Bathroom Interior Design Trends 
For Spring 2023

Main Styles:

o    Round mirrors
o    Open space
o    Raised cabinet

o    Patterned & texture tiles

o    Clean tap design 

o    Details of metal accents 

o    Earth & green relaxed tones


Bath & Hard Home Accessories Trends
For Spring 2023
Bath & hard home accessories for 2023.png

Main Styles:

o    Round & abstract shapes
o    Matte finish
o    Monochromatic 

o    Minimal & clean design

o    Fun and light colors   

Key Materials & Techniques
For Spring 2023
Material 1.png

o    Terrazzo, textured/pattern glass

Material 2.png

o    Linear patterns

Material 3.png

o    Unrefined surfaces

Material 4.png

o    Stone & terracotta look (real/melamine)

Material 5.png

o    Metal accents

Material  6.png

o    Wood (IMD/real)

Material 7.png

o    Unglazed/partially glazed ceramic w/embossed textures

Material 8.png

o    Rough textures & patterns

Skechtes & Ideation
Sketches (1).png
3-Piece Bath Set 
Final Result

1 Soap Dispenser

1 Toothbrush Holder

1 Tray

BHG set 2.png

This set design is based on trends research for 2023. Based on this research, I decided to pursue simple rounded shapes and let the focus be on textures and patterns. The soap dispenser ceramic body & the toothbrush holder are sharing the same body design that is made out of the same mold to save on cost and allow modularity in the factory and even for the end user. The soap pump is wide to allow a generous gesture & stability while pumping the soap.  

BHG complete set.png

The soap pump and toothbrush holder have a linear pattern to prevent any soap, mold, water minerals, or dirt to get caught. The tray has a semi-gloss finish and a very clean morphology to allow easy cleaning

BHG close up.2.png

As part of the color study, I chose & sampled 4 other colors for this design to offer customers more options to match their interior design and to mix & match. 

BHG set 3.png
BHG close up.1.png
Graphic Plan
Graphic plan.png
Graphic plan.png
Graphic plan.png
Graphic plan.png

3-Piece Bath Set

BHG set 1.png
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